Kids Team - Design Technology with children 
Human-Computer Interaction Lab research group established in 1998, where technology focuses on children 
Interaction Designer, Participatory Designer, UX Researcher
Brainstorm, Sketch, Storyboard, Wireframe, Low to Mid fidelity prototype, Evaluations
The University of Maryland’s Kids Team is the first intergenerational Cooperative Inquiry design team. Kids Team brings together ~8 children, ages 7-11, with researchers and technologists with diverse backgrounds to design technologies for children twice a week throughout the academic year. Because of their long tenure, Kids Team kids are experts in more than being kids: they are experts in collaborating with adults and other kids, in prototyping techniques, and in communicating their ideas and the importance of their ideas.
Child and adult members of Kids Team meet twice a week at the University of Maryland’s Human-Computer Interaction Lab to co-design technologies that support children’s learning and play. Kids Team research enhances our understanding of intergenerational design techniques and of how to build technologies that are more relevant to children’s interests and needs.
Lessons Learned
I got great mentors!!
Children are the future for technology
They have ideas which we not even be aware of
Communication is the key for understanding people
Each child has a personality, how to design to serve everyone

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