An Interactive game of BlackJack
Interaction Designer, Web Developer, UX Researcher
Brainstorm, Sketch, Storyboard, Wireframe, Low/Mid/High Fidelity prototype, Web development
Design Sketches
Design Ideas Implemented
Low Fidelity
Mid Fidelity
High Fidelity
In our heuristic evaluation, we gave our participants a print-out of Nielsen’s Heuristics Principles and sheet to write their problems, which heuristic does that belong, the description, severity, images, etc. This report helped us to analyze the weakness of our prototype and gave us great pointers to make changes to the prototype before working on the final product. With about 8 evaluators, one common feedback was position of cards, as users are habituated to read from left to right
Lesson Learned
Working in a deadline environment with a team
Games should be minimal yet aesthetic
Retention time increases with reduced components
Web games are great way for UX
I’d like to thank my Prof. Timothy Richards for giving us great grades and support & guidance with our project. Want source code? Reach out to me at for more details.
May the source be with you!

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